Recommended as a gift for a significant person & yourself ☆ Glamorous living with chic glass items

Why not feel the taste of Japan with “a little luxury” chic glass item that adds a little color and sparkle to your life? A glass item that brings out the dignified beauty of Edo is an essential item that makes a daily life up one rank – in beauty, taste and feeling. A gorgeous and sophisticated atmosphere surely lightens up any space as an interior. It is perfect for gifts for a significant person & yourself!

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Nakakin Glass does not ship the products overseas for the time being.

Nakakin Colour Overlay Glass

Please look at this page if you are looking for Nakakin Color Overlay Blow Glasses for Kiriko design or sand blasting.

Suisai Glass

Nakakin Glass inherits the “Pokan” processing technique invented by the foundar, Kingo Nakamura, and hand-making beautiful Color Overlay Blow Glasses one by one by our craftsman.

Suisai Kiriko

Suisai Kiriko is a glassware made of Nakakin Color Overlay blow Glass by the craftsmen working for the factories in Tokyo with the traditional Kiriko cutting skills inherited from Edo era.


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