Regarding our products

Thank you for visiting the online shop of Nakakin Glass. We would like to ask for your attention upon purchasing our products as follows.

  • All our products are hand-made. Every one of them is produced by our handcraftsman with good intentions. However, it is unavoidable to make some differences between the products such as in the size, color, shape, thickness, the depth and design of the cutting decoration. Also, colouring of the glasses are all based on natural materials. Therefore, the glasses can contain some variances of colouring and also small bubbles. We appreciate that you enjoy such differences as the advantages of hand-made products. 
  • Our products are not heat-resisting glasses. Please do not heat our products on an open fire, in a microwave or an oven because it is dangerous. 
  • Please wash our products by using soft sponge. Please avoid using a dishwasher because the glasses can hit with other dishes and break. 

How to buy our products

The steps to buy our products at are described. Please use the inquiry form to ask any questions.

  • Once a order is placed, an automated confirmation e-mail will be sent to your registered e-mail address. Please call us (only in Japanese) or contact us via the inquiry form in case you don’t receive the email.
  • We accept orders 24 hours at the online shop. We can take inquiries on call (only in Japanese) or via the inquiry form between 9:00 and 17:00 except for Saturday, Sunday, Public holidays in Japan, and during the summer vacation.
  • Please refer to this page for the necessary fees, delivery timing, and payment information.
  1. Open the shop page and search for the product you want to buy.
  2. Clicking the “Add to the shopping cart” button will put one piece of the product that you have chosen into the shopping cart. If a product has variation of colour and box, you can choose one in the product details page.
  3. Clicking the “Display the cart” button will show all the products in the shopping cart.
  1.  You can remove products from the shopping card by clicking the “X” button at the left of each product. You can change the quantity as well. If you change the contents of the cart, please click “Update the cart” button and confirm the total price.
  2. Click the “Proceed to payment” button after the confirmation of the shopping cart contents.
  1. Enter the details of the invoice address. The entries with * marks are mandatory. If you enter the postal code, the address field will be automatically filled in partly.
  2. If you prefer to deliver the products to a different address than the invoice address, click the checkbox of “Delivery to another address?”, and enter the delivery address to the expanded fields.
  3. Choose the payment method and click “Order” button. Your order is finalised at this point in case of bank transfer or payment on delivery method.
  1.  In case you choose credit card payment, a menu to choose the card issuer is displayed. Choose the card issuer and click the “Card number entry” button. A separate window is opened where you can enter the card information.
  1.  After entering the card information in the separate window like in the left figure, please click the “Continue” button. If the card information is correct, the separate window is closed and the “Card number entry” part will become green.
  1. After the order is accepted, automated e-mail will be sent to your e-mail address. 
  2. We will start preparing the delivery once the bank transfer has been confirmed, or right after the order reception in the other payment methods.
  3. We may ask you some questions related to the order during the preparation of the delivery via e-mail or over the phone, and appreciate your kind cooperations.
  4. After the products are shipped from our shop, an automated e-mail will be send to your e-mail address.