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Glass speaker hand-made with the traditional Edo-glass design technique. By applying a patented technique, it will amplify the sound volume by just inserting a smartphone in it and you can enjoy the music. As it does not require power supply you can use it anywhere you like. Also, “Hibika pillow” is sold separately to lay down your Hibika glass and emit the amplified sound horizontally. Each Hibika glass has the Edo-kiriko decorations by our designers on top of the beautiful color-covered glass with the traditional technique from Edo era.


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The glassware “Hibika” is not only a glassware, but also a speaker which combines the traditional technique which was developed over 200 years ago and patented technology allowing you to enjoy amplified volume by simply inserting the smartphone, without using the power supply, to create a soft speaker of the tone which echoes in the heart. This special handmade “Hibika” is a must-have thing for you in the world.

Hibika is designed for smartphone devices with the width less than 72mm and the thickness less than 8.1mm. Because Hibika is hand-made one by one, the depth of the smartphone in the glass will be different.

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Green, Lapis, Red, Skyblue