The glassware “Hibika” is not only a glassware, but also a speaker which combines the traditional technique which was developed over 200 years ago and patented technology allowing you to enjoy amplified volume by simply inserting the smartphone, without using the power supply, to create a soft speaker of the tone which echoes in the heart. This special handmade “Hibika” is a must-have thing for you in the world.

In various scenes of your daily life

“Hibika” needs no power supply. You can use it at any time and for all occasions.

During meal time: as a luxurious useful item for a meal or a party with a significant other

On your desk: as a way to relax or rest your mind during a break

When relaxing: as a way to play a sound with a soft and resonating tone to your heart to invite drowsiness

As a gift: to a significant other for you from your heart

How to use Hibika

Insert your smartphone into a Hibika glass and enjoy playing music with your favourite music player app. 

Hibika is designed for smartphone devices with the width less than 72mm and the thickness less than 8.1mm. Because Hibika is hand-made one by one, the depth of the smartphone in the glass will be different.

Special Method and Technique

“Hibika” which Nakakin Glass developed reflecting patented technology (Japanese Patent Office No. 5901041) is a wonderful piece of work of Edo color overlay glass. Just by inserting a smartphone without using a power supply, the volume is amplified and you can enjoy it as a speaker of the tone that echoes to the heart. It is a delicate thing that can be made only by the hands of skilled artisans, through the “Pokan method” developed by Nakakin Glass’ founder. On the surface, we apply “Kiriko” traditional techniques of cutting glass from the Edo era, and cut the upper part obliquely to quench and to improve glass strength. This “Hibika” handmade by artisans is a masterpiece of Japanese glassware that made faceted Edo color overlay glass, which only we Nakakin Glass can create in the world.

Acoustic test result

It is the acoustic test result using Hibika conducted in an anechoic chamber at an authorised public experimental laboratory. The right graph shows the result of the frequency analysis (1/3 octave band analysis). You can check the amplification effect in the high range.

Measurement of the sound pressure level (loudness) shows 1.7 times amplification effect compared to the case where a smartphone plays the music without using Hibika.

iPhone was used for the test where the Hibika was set 50cm away from the microphone.

Smartphone app for Hibika (Beta-version)

By using the music app specialized for Hibika, you can enjoy the music that enhances the characteristics of Hibika.

The music app will adjust the speakers to enhance the acoustic effect of Hibika and start playing a music track automatically when your smartphone is inserted into Hibika glass. Also, the app shows animations on the display to make Hibika glass more beautiful. You can turn off the room light and enjoy the music and delicate lightning from the Hibika glass and the app, before you sleep or a silent night with your loved one.

Download from the Google Play

Required smartphone devices: Android (Jerry Bean and after)


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