Challenge for new designs

Nakakin Glass keeps working on new designs and taking them into our product development through the collaboration with the public and academia. Let us introduce some examples of such collaboration. Some collaboration products can be purchased on this online shop. If you like one of the collaboration products found on this page but not sold, please contact us via the contact form.

Edogawa traditional craft collaborative project with the industry, academe and public –EDOCOLE–

With the support of Edogawa ward, Nakakin Glass developed collaboration products with the students of Joshibi University of Art and Design. We will continue to innovate new designs as well as create unique and fresh ideas that are not restricted by the framework of traditional Kiriko (faceted glass) crafted design.

Fiscal year 2018

Fiscal year 2017

Fiscal year 2016

Fiscal year 2014

Fiscal year 2013

EDO&TOKYO Collaboration Products

As the collaboration with the academia under the Edogawa-ward support was highly evaluated, Nakakin Glass joined the product development for the “&TOKYO” brand certified by the Tokyo Metropolitan Government.

The Wonder 500

The Wonder 500™ is the project of the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry to discover and advertise superior local products that have not been well known by the world but the Japan should be proud of. The “Reverse Mt.Fuji” of Nakakin Glass is a certified product by this project.